What is KeyBar?

Microth's keybar is a patented gesture input technology providing an innovative user interface for electronic devices. It combines gesture and key interfaces. Every input mean of the keybar is represented by a sweep over the linear keyboard. The keybar tracks a sequence of activated input areas during the sweep and outputs assigned means immediately after the sweep is completed.

The image above demonstrates the keybar providing phone keypad inputs. To input a digit a user needs to connect two input areas. Single touches of input ares may be assigned to "Call", "Cancel", "Menu", and "Options" functions.

Another variant of the keybar has only two areas. Different gestures over these two areas may provide controls functions for a simple player. For example, "Forward" may be represented by swipe from first to second area, and "End" by a gesture from the first to the second area and then back to the first one.

Yet another variant of the 3 area keyboard may be used for the selection of different modes or operations of a multifunctional mobile device at launch: phone, camera, music or video player, any other applications. For example, to unlock the device and open the home screen a user needs to swipe from the middle to the left area.

    Some of benefits of the keybar include:

  • Simplicity: simple linear gestures represent input means
  • Ergonomics: just a few large input areas
  • Miniaturization: a very small footprint, minimal finger travel
  • Command set: large number of input means
  • Applications: a broad range of consumer and industrial electronics
  • Time Independence: no time delays and limits
  • Eye-free Input: absolute positioning and discrete input
  • Usability: suits novice and expert needs
  • Customization: wide selection of shapes and layouts of input areas
  • Implementation: any contact or touch sensors
  • System Requirements: compact code, minimal processing requirements

We are are open for a cooperation with HW manufacturers willing to try KeyBar in their products. Please contact us: keybar@microth.com

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