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Looking for a keyboard having extra large keys and not covering the entire screen? We have it! Claviature is an on-screen keyboard with keys larger then keys of full screen keyboards. It's an ideal solution for nail input and small screens.

Microth's Claviature is a unique text input method combining easy to use large keys and small screen footprint. It provides a comfortable and fast text input for mobile devices.

Keys of Claviature are in about 6 times larger then keys of regular on-screen keyboards. They are even larger then keys of full screen keyboards. That provides easy and fast access to keys and makes comfortable not only pen input, but also input using nails. From other side Claviature occupies a small amount of screen space and provides unobscured access to Pocket PC applications.

The principal idea of Claviature is simple. Characters of a regular keyboard are mapped onto large input keys of Claviature. Every key of Claviature has several symbols associated with different directions. To enter a symbol touch a key and slide a pen in one of these directions. You donít need to aim precisely on the individual characters you want to enter. Just touch a key at any place and slide a pen or a finger. A direction between final and initial positions of that stroke determines a symbol. For example, to enter "Q" touch top/left key of Claviature and slide a pen in down/left direction.

In general, a character corresponds to a direction from a center of the key to a position of that character on the key. To speed up an input of frequent commands they might be assigned to several keys of Claviature. For example, a sliding of a pen leftward inputs "Space" for all keys. Every key of Claviature also might have a command associated with a single touch of this key.

Central commands icons and their meanings:
Capslock Alt Gr Tab Backspace Left Arrow Up Arrow
Shift Ctrl Space Enter Right Arrow Down Arrow

For example, to enter Shift just touch bottom/left key of Claviature.

Depending on layout the Claviature might have a different number of characters placed on every key. Claviature supports a number of standard international layouts and keycap customization. Additional layouts and keycaps can be downloaded from www.claviature.com. You can switch between language layouts clicking a Claviature's status indicator at the bottom task bar.

For more information about Claviature interface and settings please read a Claviature description for your platform.

If you got any questions, or have comments or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail: support@microth.com

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