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Download Language Layouts

Here you can download additional layouts for Claviature. Note, that you will possibly need specific language supported on your mobile device in order to use these layouts. Size of each layout file is approximately 5 KB.

Installation Instructions

Download *.cla and copy it to the '\Program Files\Claviature' directory on your device. To make downloaded layout active, select it from Claviature Options dialog.

Albanian Albanian 452 Azeri Latin
Belarusian Belgian Brazilian
Bulgarian Canadian French Canadian Multilingual
Croatian Czech Czech Programmers
Czech QWERTY Danish Dutch
Estonian Faeroese Finnish
French Gaelic German
Greek Greek 319 Greek 319 Latin
Hebrew Hungarian Hungarian 101
Icelandic Irish ISO 9995
Italian Japanese Hiragana Japanese Katakana
Kazakh Cyrillic Kyrgyz Cyrillic Latin American
Latvian Ergonomic Latvian QWERTY Lithuanian Baltic
Lithuanian IBM Lithuanian Programmers Macedonian
Macedonian FYROM Maltese Mongolian Cyrillic
Norwegian Polish Polish Programmers
Portuguese Romanian Romanian 446
Russian Russian Typewriter Serbian Cyrillic
Serbian Latin Slovak Slovenian
Spanish Swedish Swiss French
Swiss German Tatar Thai Kedmanee
Thai Pattachote Turkish F Turkish Q
Ukranian United Kingdom US Dvorak
US English US International Uzbek Cyrillic
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