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Please contact Microth Support (support@microth.com) if you have a problem or question which is not anwered at this FAQ page.

General questions

Q How to use Claviature?
A You can find more information about how to use Claviature here: www.claviature.com/overview.asp

Q How can I register Claviature?
A You need to buy a license from one of our reselling partners. Your registration code will be send to you in 2 business days after the purchase.

Q How to use dead-keys?
A Dead keys are used for input of accented characters. To enter an accented character you first type the accent dead key and then the base character. For instance, to type an e circumflex you would first press the circumflex dead key, and then press the e key.

Q What is control layout for?
A Control layout supports standard CTRL commands. For example, you can use CTRL-C/CTRL-V for copy/paste operations.

Q What mean these small signs in the middle of buttons?
A These are symbols for commands which Claviature generates if you make a single touch of a the corresponding key. For example, to enter Shift just touch bottom/left key of Claviature. See Overview for detailed information.

Q How to make Claviature being a default input method?
A You can use any third party system utility doing this. For example, SKTools.

Q I can't uninstall Claviature...
A Please make a soft reset BEFORE uninstallation. This is necessary for removal of any SIP. Then execute a regular uninstallation procedure as for any other application.


Q Can I use my own keycap skins?
A Yes, you can. Create an image of a square button and copy it to ...\Program Files\Claviature directory at your device. Recommended image sizes are 40*40 pixels for QVGA mode and 80*80 for VGA mode.

Q I want to use a font other then Tahoma for Claviature. Can I do this?
A Yes, you can. Copy any Unicode True Type Font (.ttf) to \Windows\Fonts directory. Make a soft reset. Now you can select and use installed font for Claviature.

Q I clicked at a symbol, but it was not entered...
A You don't need to CLICK AT a symbol. Please TAP a key containing a desired symbol and SLIDE a pen in the diagonal direction of the symbol. Another reason of your problem might be that your stroke is too short. You can set a comfortable level of Claviature sensitivity at Options.

Q Very often I get central commands instead characters.
A Try to reduce sensitivity of central symbols or to make symbol strokes longer.

Q What is the gesture mode?
A If the gesture mode is switched on you can use 4 additional strokes for fast input "Shift"/"Space"/"Backspace"/"Enter" commands.

Language Support

Q Why fonts in Pocket Word and Claviature are different?
A Claviature's font is used only for displaying symbols at Claviature keycaps. So font you use at other application might be different.

Q I installed Claviature, but there are no Thai layout?
A Claviature installation file contains all layouts. If you have no Thai layout that might means that you have an earlier version of Claviature. We recommend you to re-install Claviature from our site. If you have the latest version of Claviature, the reason might be that Thai layout file is damaged. Please download Thai layout from our site.

Q I want to use Claviature for Hebrew input, but in Hebrew layout I have only squares at the keyboard.
A That just means that the Unicode font you selected for Claviature doesn't contain Hebrew symbols. Please select another font or copy any Unicode TrueType font containing Hebrew to the device.

Q Claviature layout looks fine, but it doesn't display symbols in many applications.
A Some applications use Default System font Tahoma.ttf for displaying text. Your version of Tahoma might not support some specific languages. You need to copy a Unicode ttf font containing symbols of your language and set this font as Default System font. This font MUST contain Latin symbols also.

Q I have US version of WM SE and want to use Claviature for Japanese kana input, but can't do that. Any suggestions?
A You should have Japanese language support at your PocketPC. You can find more information on Japanese language support here: http://discussion.brighthand.com/showthread.php?threadid=74282

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