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Claviature for Pocket PC

General Information

Claviature for Pocket PC is implemented as Soft Input Panel (SIP). To install Claviature connect your PocketPC to a computer with Microsoft ActiveSync and run Claviature setup file. After that a 14-days trial version of Claviature will be installed at your Pocket PC. Then you can select Claviature in a list of input methods and use it for data input for any Pocket PC application.

User Interface

Claviature Options dialog and Help can be activated via Claviature status indicator at the bottom task bar. Tap and hold a stylus at the indicator and you will get a list of all active layouts, and access to Options, Help and About information. Your also can switch between active layout by single clicks at the status indicator.

You can customize your Claviature using Options menu.
"Layouts" menu lists all active layouts. To remove unnecessary layout select it in "Active Layouts" list and click "Remove" button. To add a new layout click "Add.." button and select a desired layout in a list of all available layouts

"Keycaps" menu provides customization of Claviature's keycaps. You can select different key skins from the list of available skins. You also can change font and its' size, weight and color. Check "Show Center Icons" box, if you want them to be displayed. All changes are demonstrated at the sample button.

In "General" menu "Gesture Mode" checkbox switchs on/off support of "Shift"/"Space"/"Backspace"/"Enter" gestures. You also can change a click/stroke sensitivity of buttons. Then greater value for sensitivity you set, then longer strokes you should make to enter a symbol, but it increases accuracy of input while you are on the move and for peoples with disabilities.

Please read our FAQ page if you have a problem or question about Claviature .

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