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The keywheel provides a uniform interface for different controls. The four zone demo keywheel at the left supports a seesaw switch, a slider, a group of buttons and a rotary knob simultaneously. Every zone of the keyweel immitates the corresponding control.

To operate a seesaw switch touch the top-left zone of the keyweel. Winding in the CW direction increases the value, CCW spins decrease it. Single tap zeroes the value.

A slider at the top-right zone is moving to the right while keywheel is winding CW, and vice versa. Single tap at this zone temporary move slider into leftmost position (immitation of mute ). Any following touch returns the slider back.

The bottom-left zone of keywheel operates a group of buttons (or on-screen menu items). Keywheel spins move a selector over the group. A current button (or an item in a menu) change its' value, when a finger leaves the keywheel.

The last, bottom-right zone is mapped to a rotary knob and the keywheel rotations are mapped to knob rotations and selection of a value in the marked position of the knob.

Therefore, different control interfaces may be substituted by a uniform keywheel control. One keywheel may support up to 8 other controls in a small space. That provides uniform and compact design for many electronic devices.

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