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Keywheel advantages

  • All commands of the keywheel are represented by simple, uniform arc strokes. The keywheel main principles are easy for understanding and usage.

  • Only a few large keys are necessary for operating a keywheel. That provides easy targeting for users and reduce error rate. Misprints can be easily corrected by back-sweeping.

  • Due reduced number of keys the keywheel occupies a very small area. For example, the area about one sq.sm. is enough for the four elements keywheel. That reduces finger travel distance, muscular efforts and accelerates the input.

  • The important feature of the keywheel is that command set is unlimited. Rare commands may be represented by long spiral gestures. That also provides an easy control of continuous values and scrolling of large lists.

  • The keywheel input is time independent. There are no delays or time limits dictating the speed of input. Novice or disabled users can slowly sweep over the keywheel with full control of results, meanwhile experienced users are able to enter symbols by short stokes very fast.

  • The keywheel input is based on absolute positions of keys. A meaning of a gesture is changed only at the moments when user touch a new key. So after minimal training the user is able to enter keywheel gestures without eye control.

  • The KeyWheel provides unistroke, non-ambiguous input. Each character is represented by one simple arc. This is a big advantage of the KeyWheel over a conventional reduced keypad input systems, because keypad input is ambiguous and requires additional symbol disambiguating by multitap or word prediction methods. That slows the input speed and/or complicate user interface. The keywheel may be also combined with word guessing methods.

  • As generic input method the keywheel is language-independent, and can support a fast input at any of world languages including syllabic and ideographic languages. Special versions of the keywheel may support different sets of commands and provide a control interfaces for different electronic devices.

  • The keywheel may be implemented using very different technologies: capacity or resistive sensors, regular contact switches, mecanical dials. It has a variety of layouts and shapes providing unlimited flexibility for a target device design. The keywheel is very simple in implementation, has no special system requirements and provides immediate input.

  • The keywheel may be used for data input for a wide range of devices like phones, media players, smartcards, remote controls, radios, and other comsumer and industrial electronic devices.

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