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What is keywheel?

Microth's keywheel is a patented gesture input technology providing an innovative user interface for electronic devices. It combines wheel and key interfaces. Every input mean of keyweel is represented by the initial position of touch and the length of a rotary sweep.

    Some of benefits of the keywheel include:

  • Simplicity: a simple arc gestures representing input means
  • Ergonomics: just a few large, finger-operated keys
  • Miniaturization: a very small footprint, minimal finger travel
  • Command set: unlimited number of input means
  • Control: several discrete and continuous parameters simultaneously
  • Applications: a broad range of consumer and industrial electronics
  • Time Independence: no time delays and limits
  • Eye-free Input: absolute positioning and discrete input
  • Usability: suits novice and expert needs
  • Text Input: unambiguous, language-independent input
  • Customization: wide selection of shapes and layouts
  • Implementation: any contact or touch sensors
  • System Requirements: compact code, minimal processing requirements
You can get more detailed information about the keywheel at our site.

We are are open for a cooperation with HW manufacturers willing to try KeyWheel in their products. Please contact us: keywheel@microth.com

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