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Layout Downloads

Here you can download additional layouts for InPad. Note, that you will possibly need specific language supported on your mobile device in order to work with these layouts. See built-in InPad demo to learn how to write characters from a specific layout.

These layouts are for InPad 2.0, Pocket PC version. If you are using Inpad 1.0 please go here.

Layout Installation Instructions (InPad 2.0 for Pocket PC)

Download *.la and copy it to the '\Program Files\InPad2_0' directory on your device. To make downloaded layout available restart InPad & select it from "Layouts" tab in InPad options.

LayoutDescriptionPad Size
 German German ( basic Latin + German specific letters). Get more info.
 Greek Layout conatining letters of Greek alphabet.
 Latvian Latvian (basic Latin + Latvian specific letters).
 Kyrghyz Kyrghyz ( basic Cyrillic + Kyrghyz specific letters).
 Kazak Kazak ( basic Cyrillic + Kazak specific letters).
 Icelandic Icelandic ( basic Latin + Icelandic specific letters). Also support for Faroese language is added.
 Irish Irish ( basic Latin + Irish specific letters).
 Hungarian Hungarian ( basic Latin + Hungarian specific letters).
 Luxembourgish Luxembourgish ( basic Latin + Luxembourgish specific letters).
 Filipino Filipino ( basic Latin + Filipino specific letters).
 Maltese Maltese ( basic Latin + Maltese specific letters).
 Estonian Estonian ( basic Latin + Estonian specific letters).
/ Czech/Slovac Czech/Slovac ( basic Latin + Czech and Slovak specific letters).
/ Azeri/Tatar Azeri/Tatar ( basic Latin + Azeri/Tatar specific letters).
 Albanian Albanian layout (basic Latin + Albanian specific letters).
 Thai 2x3 This alternative 2x3 Thai layout containing all Numeric, Latin and Thai symbols in a single layout. Thanks to Sippanont Samchai for the submission. Get more info.
 Thai This is 3x3 layout for Thai letters. Get more info.
 Japanese Kana Layout containing Japanese Kana. It supports both Katakana and Hiragana. Get more info.
/ Finnish/Swedish Finnish/Swedish ( basic Latin + Finnish/Swedish specific letters).
 Turkmen Turkmen ( basic Latin + Turkmen specific letters).
Arabic This is 3x3 Arabic layout. Get more info.
 Hebrew This is 2x3 Hebrew layout. It also could be used for Yiddish. Thanks to Shay Rosiansky and all InPad users in Israel for valuable comments. Get more info.
 Hebrew This is 3x3 Hebrew layout. Thanks to Louis Lieberman for submission. Get more info.
/ Default Latin It contains strokes for Latin/English letters, punctuation marks and digits. Use it for writing in Afaan Oromo, Africaans, Cornish, Dutch, English, Indonesian, Kiribati, Latin, Malay, Manx, Samoan, Scots, Swahili, Tagalog, Zulu and other languages using basic Latin alphabet . After adding of specific accents you can use it for writing in any other language based on Latin alphabet. Get more info.
 Italian Italian (basic Latin + Italian specific letters). Also some extra letters are added to support Corsican, Occitan, Piedmontese, Raeto-Romance and Sardinian languages. Get more info.
 French French (basic Latin + French specific letters). Also could be used for Catalan and Breton languages. Get more info.
 Welsh Welsh (basic Latin + Welsh specific letters).
 Lithuanian Lithuanian ( basic Latin + Lithuanian specific letters).
/ Ukranian/Belarusian Ukranian/Belarusian ( basic Latin + Ukranian/Belarusian specific letters).
Numeric Default Numeric layout contains strokes for digits, arithmetical operations and currency symbols. More info
 Turkish Turkish ( basic Latin + Turkish specific letters).
 Spanish Spanish ( basic Latin + Spanish accents). Thanks to: Victor L. Tilve. Also could be used for Basque and Galician languages. Get more info.
/ Romanian/Moldavian Romanian/Moldavian ( basic Latin + Romanian/Moldavian specific letters).
 Portuguese Portuguese ( basic Latin + Portuguese specific letters).
 Polish Polish ( basic Latin + Polish specific letters).
/ Norwegian/Danish Norwegian/Danish ( basic Latin + Norwegian/Danish specific letters).
 Mongolian Mongolian ( basic Cyrillic + Mongolian specific letters).
 Uzbek Uzbek (basic Cyrillic + Uzbek specific letters).
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