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Layout Info: Italian

This layout is just the same as standard default Latin one from InPad distribution package, except Italian accents are added. These accents can be drawn in various ways:

  1. 'Next Alternative' Command
    Draw a basic letter, then draw several 'Next Alternative' strokes until you get the desired accent:

    Drawing Accents
    This approach is applicable to all accented letters in this layout:
    • A-À
    • E-È-É
    • O-Ò-Ó
    • I-Ì-Í-Î
    • U-Ù-Ú
  2. Stand Alone Strokes
    Although the method described above can be rather inconvenient for letters which have more than 2 accents (such as 'e', 'o', 'i', 'u') we added several single-valued strokes for these accents. See the table below:
    Basic LetterWith GraveWith AcuteWith Circumflex
    a: à:
    A: À:
    e: è: é:
    E: È: É:
    o: ò: ó:
    O: Ò: Ó:
    i:  ì:  í:  î: 
    I:  Ì:  Í:  Î: 
    u: ù: ú:
    U: Ù: Ú:

  3. Add your own strokes
    If the first 2 methods are not suitable for you, you can specify your own strokes for accents using built-in editor. See InPad manual or program help.

    Click here to download Italian layout.

    Installation Instructions.

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