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Layout Info: French

This layout contains Latin characters from InPad distribution package plus characters with French accents. French accents can be drawn in various ways:

  1. 'Next Alternative' Command
    Draw the base letter, then draw several 'Next Alternative' strokes until you get desired accent:

    Drawing Accents
    This approach is applicable to all accented letters in this stroke set.
  2. Stand Alone Strokes
    Although the method described above can be rather inconvenient for letters which have 3 or more accents (such as 'a', 'e', 'u') we added several single-valued strokes for these accents. See the table below:
    Base LetterWith GraveWith AcuteWith CircumflexWith Diaeresis
    a: à: - â: ä:
    A: À: - Â: Ä:
    e: è: é: ê: ë:
    E: È: É: Ê: Ë:
    u: ù: - û: ü:
    U: Ù: - Û: Ü:

  3. Add your own strokes
    If the first 2 methods are not suitable for you, you can specify your own strokes for accents using built-in editor. See InPad manual or program help.

    Æ, æ, Œ, œ characters in French stroke set can be drawn this way (click on the images to animate them):

    Æ:Capital Letter Ae æ:Small Letter Ae
    Œ:Capital Ligature Oe œ:Small Ligature Oe
    'Play Animations' option must be checked in your browser Options to play animations.

    Click here to download French layout.

    Installation Instructions.

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