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What is InPad?

InPad is an input method based on an innovative, patented gesture input technology.

InPad is a symbiosis of handwriting and keyboard input and combines strong sides of both these techniques: a simple, familiar handwriting interface and an instant, accurate keyboard processing. InPad doesn't "recognize" handwritings - it just "inputs" handwritten symbols into a device like a regular keyboard.

    Some of advantages of InPad include:
  • Language Independence: InPad technology is language independent. It supports handwriting input in any stroke based language. Layouts for more then 100 languages may be downloaded at www.inpad.net/layouts or created by user.
  • Customization: You can customize InPad to your personal style of writing and needs. Any symbols, commands and text strings could be added and recognized later. This way you can write letters of any alphabet.
  • Recognition: InPad recognizes any styles of scripting including multistroke characters as well as arbitrary symbols and control strokes. InPad technology provides 100% recognition of input symbols.
  • Usability: InPad requires a minimal or no training. Default layouts provides support for Latin alphabet, digits and InPad commands.
  • System Requirements: InPad has very minimal system requirements and provides immediate input. Resizable input panel occupies just a small fraction of screen.
    What's new in the version 2.0:
  • Support of transparency.
    Now you can make InPad window transparent and it will not obscure an active application.
  • Stroke sets were replaced with layouts.
    Layouts are now stored in a separate files which allows to mark them as active in any combinations. So now you can use German, Italian and French layouts together without creating seperate stroke set. Users of older versions of InPad can download and use IPEConverter utility to convert their customized stroke sets into the new format.
  • Ability to create new layouts from inside InPad.
    You no longer need separate Stroke Set Editor to create your own layouts.
  • Stroke demo drawing is now saved.
    When you add new strokes to the layout your drawing is saved also, so you can recall it using InPad Demo Panel. Multiple demo strokes can exist for a single character.
  • New look of the InPad panel.
    InPad panel was redesigned according to users proposals. InPad cells may be rectangular.
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